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1. How does this work?

First Visit - $5 per keiki play until they are tired

Second Visits and beyond - Pay for Play Passes OR General Admission rates

Show up, sign waivers, take off shoes, then play.

2. Are there certain classes / schedules I have to commit to?

Nope classes are NOT required, we believe Free Play is integral and absolutely necessary to establishing the foundation for any aspect of your keiki's. HOWEVER, we understand that classes and memberships are also integral to establishing communities and to nurture social skills in our keiki. As such, classes are slowly becoming available & here are a few options you can inquire about:

The following classes require Membership / Registration through the listed third party but membership/ registrants will also receive very special discounts to play at Keiki Pa'ani before or after the class:

Kindermusik With Aloha - A weekly class designed to help build a solid music foundation as a family.

The Cloth Class Community - A mom led and designed class to help parents look, feel, and understand Cloth Diapering BEFORE making a blind investment. Classes are held on Saturdays on a monthly basis at Keiki Pa'ani. Registration is required and attendees receive a very special rate to play at Keiki Pa'ani.

Keiki Arts Innovation (KAI) Studio - An Open Art Studio with self directed projects designed to reveal your keiki's thoughts and emotions through the language of art, colors & creativity.

At Keiki Pa'ani we know families on O'ahu face many logistical challenges that vary from week to week. Participating the following classes can either be membership based (auto-pay a monthly fee to access certain membership perks)


Drop-In style (come to the class as you see fit and just enjoy doing something different together every once in a while). Please keep in mind that caregivers must stay with their Keiki and are expected to participate in order to get the most out of these interactive classes:

Mini Tahiti - An Interactive Intro to Tahitian Hula. Held every OTHER Tuesday at 9:30am and INCLUDES play time at Keiki Pa'ani. 

Tiny Tot Zumbini by Val - An Interactive movement class that uses music and research based curriculum as a platform to help caregiver and keiki learn more about each other through bonding.

3. What if the only keiki I am brining to participate is under one year old?

You must pay for at least one keiki to play at Keiki Pa'ani. "Keiki" is considered any child who is walking UP TO 6 years of age.

4. Is this all new info on the website?

LOL, Yes! Thanks for noticing! Again, I am VERY new to business ownership and so - After a few openings, MANY lessons learned, and best of all acquiring our very own space - Rates & "Rules" are now modeled to better reflect my customers feedback.

5. can i drop off my child and return to pick them up?

The short answer is No, an adult guardian must be with their children at all times to play at Keiki Pa'ani.

The longer answer is:

If you interested in child care to be provided for you at Keiki Pa'ani we nowhave a sister company called Aloha Sitters, LLC.

Aloha Sitters caregivers are fully screened & vetted sitters and are the BEST Oahu has to offer. They recruit sitters from the local Universities & Community Colleges. who have 5yrs+ childcare experience, are CPR/First aid certified & have returned a
clean background check. Additionally their sitters either have a degree or are working towards a degree in Education, Early Childhood Development, Social work, Pediatric Nursing, Child Psychology & other care related areas of study.

Please visit www.AlohaSitters.com for questions & when you are ready to reserve please give them a call at


6. Will there be food and/ or drinks provided?

Food is NOT provided; a Refreshment Bar with water is available for your convenience.

With the exception of water in a covered (screw on top) bottle or a baby's bottle with milk - drinks, food, snacks, are STRICTLY NOT allowed in the play space. 

7. What kinds of activities/ toys will there be?

Currently life size building blocks, toys with wheels, racing space, indoor jungle gym, hopping toys, balance stuff and much more. The theme of Keiki Pa'ani is reflected through our toys and activities selection - Everything available for your keiki is chosen specifically with the intent to encourage growth, stimulation, and advancement in your keiki's brain, central nervous system, social skills, as well as both gross and fine motor skills. The best part is that all of these aspects combined ALSO encourage better nap times to follow play time. 

8. What is the acceptable age range for "toddler play"?

Typically keiki between 1 and 4ish seem to have the most fun at Keiki Pa'ani. 

9. Is there a maximum child to adult ratio?

Yes, there is a maximum of 6 children between the ages of 0 - 12 allowed per adult.

10. Is it safe for children under the age of one?

Absolutely! However I would recommend that any child who is either new to walking or maybe on the smaller side always be within arm's reach of their guardian just because some older toddlers will (rightfully) take up every inch of space given to them to run and be wild.

11. Can I reserve keiki pa'ani play space or the party room for parties/ EVENTs/ classes?

Yes, please contact Val for more information.

12. Can I bring a Stroller?

Yes, while strollers can be parked just outside of our entrance, it is my opinion that it's easier to just bring the keiki especially if you get the chance to park close or in the structure.

13. Are there available restrooms?

Yes, there are clean indoor restrooms just across the hallway; additionally I will provide a suitable private area with a changing table and disposable covers to make your play time a little easier :) 

14. Should I bring my own chair?

Our play space is toddler and family oriented which means anything that is toddler-climb-able must be toddler safe. Please be courteous and ensure that the seats with legs remain available for those customers who need them most (elderly, pregnancy, crutches, etc.) because we only allow a few chairs in the Play Space for the safety of the keiki.

15. What is the appropriate attire for keiki to play?

Long pants are better to slide in but they are not required. Please no bathing suits. Shoes MUST remain in the entrance lobby or inside a bag with you for health/ safety reasons.

16. Are there field trip discounts available?

Yes, please contact Val for more information.

17. do you accept toy donations?

YES! Please feel free to bring any unwanted baby toys and clothes. If you have other things you'd like to donate such as office furniture, decor, or supplies PLEASE contact me before you bring large donations to see if I can accept your generous donation based on available space and our current needs at KP.

18. Do you do consignment or can i barter my services with you?

Yes and yes! I love making strong connections with my community so just contact me and let me know what you're thinking so we can try to figure something out that benefits both of us :) :) :)

19. can i advertise my business through keiki pa'ani?

Yes! We currently have Face-to-Face Marketing rates posted and are working on getting secured lockers/ shelving/ cases for displays. Yes, please contact Val for more information.

If I didn't answer your question here please feel free to contact me :) 

Mrs. Valerie Fajotina (Val)

Phone: (808) 859-9542
Email: keikipaani@gmail.com

Facebook: @keikipaani

Instagram: instagram.com/keikipaani