-Pardon the inconvenience-

The Indoor Airport Center location is CLOSE permanently...

Do you have toddlers?

Do they like to jump, climb, run, race, and see how loud they can be?

Do you have a play group that needs a new venue? Or are you just craving conversations with real sentences and adult comprehension?!

Come join us at Keiki Pa’ani!

Previously located in Waipio we are now in our very own home at the Airport Center Building - The one with the whales on it :)

Proudly O’ahu’s newest hot spot to let your toddler roam freely to get out that energy with no clean up afterward....

Number 1 question: "What exactly is this place?"

Answer : An open space with few rules and plenty of toys for toddlers. A space just the right size where parents can let their keiki just go (aka peel them off your legs) but not fret about safety.

Number 2 Question: "What is the class schedule?"

Answer : There ISN'T one... Our mission is simple -- Let them be FREE! In this way, both parent and keiki are allowed to have their breaks from each other while not having to stress about class requirements and restrictions.

EXCEPTION!!!! We will soon be offering classes for parents who want to add a little social interaction to their keiki's schedule :) Stay Tuned and sign up for our emails to get the most up to date info - how exciting!!!!!

Number 3 Question: Can I rent the Party Room?

Answer 3 Yes! Now that we have our very own place you can reserve our space.

Contact Details:

Mrs. Valerie Fajotina (Val)

Phone: (808) 859-9542
Email: keikipaani@gmail.com

Facebook: @keikipaani

Instagram: instagram.com/keikipaani